January 17, 2007


Sunshine has an "owie". Ever since the pretty yellow Canary came to live with us 10 years ago, he has been a source of pure delight to us all. He loves to sing. And we enjoy immensely his beautiful repertoire of songs.

One day we found him hanging helplessly upside down from his perch. His injured leg shriveled up like a dead stick waiting to be plucked. We prayed for him and two days later Sunshine was hopping around like a normal healthy bird. God had performed an awesome miracle. He cares for the little birds. Matthew 10:29

And now, 2 years later, Sunshine is again in need of your prayers. A little tumor has formed on his leg causing it to swell and tighten the plastic band on his ankle which in turn began to act as a tourniquet.

After praying for Sunshine we decided to do some "surgery". We dipped a nail clipper and a tweezer in rubbing alcohol and carefully cut off little by little the yellow band that was constricting blood circulation. Poor little Sunshine. He struggled desperately to free himself from the painful procedure.

I need a REAL doctor!

At long last, after 2 excruciating hours, the remainder of the band fell off. Very gently, we cleaned his bruised leg with alcohol, swathed it with Neosporin and wrapped it in clean white gauze. Then we prayed again for Sunshine and placed him back in his cage. The Lord healed him before and He will heal him again, if it is His will.

UPDATE: February 18, 2007 After 6 weeks of silence and still standing on one leg, Sunshine is singing again! PRAISE THE LORD!