February 6, 2007

San Francisco Welcomes Queen Mary 2

It was Super Bowl Sunday, February 4, 2007, but the crowds weren't interested in football. They had come to see the Queen. Queen Mary 2, the largest and grandest ocean cruise liner ever built, was making its maiden voyage to San Francisco. The ship is 280 feet longer than the Transamerica Pyramid is high. Weighing at 151,000 tons, it is 1,132 feet long and is 23 stories tall. It is the largest vessel to sail San Francisco Bay. It is so big is will not fit through the Panama Canal. Because the San Francisco Bay is affected by strong winds, treacherous currents and changing tides, docking the ship this size is complicated. The ship would arrive at the ebb current of 4 knots.

When I saw and felt the intensity of excitement in the people's faces and realized how many hours they had patiently been waiting just to see Queen Mary 2, ( besides the fact that they didn't even miss Super Bowl), I began to understand how much this event meant to them. It was an experience that helped me to become more aware of Christ's soon return. How much does Jesus' second coming mean to us as Christians? Are we happy and excited about it? Will we care if we miss the "super bowl"? What are we doing to prepare for His coming? Will we be ready and waiting and spreading the good news of this special event as these people did for Queen Mary 2 ? Questions like these went through my mind as I sat on the green slope with my camera and binoculars . We were of one accord...happy and patiently waiting and watching for the Queen Mary to arrive.

The long anticipated day was somewhat hazy. Thankfully, the fog had not yet rolled in. As we looked out into the horizon we could see a grey form of a ship in the distance approaching. With unprecedented fanfare, helicopters,sailboats, yachts and other small crafts accompanied the enormous ship as it came closer and closer. A fireboat, sending fountains of water high into the air, escorted the regal Queen Mary 2 into San Francisco Bay. All eyes were glued on the ship as if it would evaporate if they so much as to blink. Then we heard it. The Queen's 1400 pound steam-driven whistle, obtained from the original Queen Mary, sounded 2 long blasts. Thousands of well-wishers on shore cheered. Traffic came to a stand still as the magnificent ocean liner sailed beneath the Golden Gate Bridge.
Someday soon, we shall see a small gray cloud far in the horizon. Jesus, the King of Kings, is coming! With unprecedented fanfare, He will be escorted by thousands upon thousands of angels. All eyes will be glued to that wonderful event. All eyes will see Jesus. With a mighty blast, the trumpets shall sound. And with one voice we shall say, "Lo, this is our God. We have waited for Him, and He will save us...we will be glad and rejoice in His salvation." Isaiah 25 : 9 What a day that will be! Let us all be ready!