January 17, 2006

The Deserted Ski Resort

The weather was gorgeous. Jim and I decided to drive up to South Lake Tahoe for a much needed break. Friday we walked along the shores and embraced the beauty of one of the world’s largest, clearest, and deepest alpine lakes.

Early the next morning, we drove past the shimmering Aspens to the green forested mountains. Memories of bygone days tugged at our hearts as we entered the vacant Sierra Tahoe parking lot. Here at this very spot we had brought our children to play in the snow and ski on the Bunny Slopes. And now, it was quiet and peaceful. Surrounding us were tall pines gracefully swaying in the gentle autumn breeze and twittering birds hopping amongst the brush hunting for grubs. It was a perfect setting to spend time with God.

We enjoyed our leisure picnic lunch and while Jim read his book, I tromped into the thick woods to look around. Before long it was time to go. As we headed back down the narrow winding road we came across an iron gate. Jim hopped out of the van to open it. The sign at the gate said the park would close at 5:30PM. We checked our watch. It was 4:00PM. They had closed early for the Labor Day weekend. Jim tried unsuccessfully to lift the iron bar from the latch. The 2 padlocks were securely fastened and the chain link would not budge. With a look of utter dismay he announced, "We're locked in.”

He spun the car around and drove back to the deserted ski resort. We climbed up the hill to the empty lodge. Peering through the dark windows and knocking on every door, I called, “Hello! Hello, hello!” No answer. It was eerie....like a ghost town. No one knew where we were.

Mountain elevation was close to 8000 feet. Wind was picking up and temperature was steadily dropping. It could get a bit chilly at night. Once we had spotted a wild coyote in the woods. I wonder if there are cougars up here, Jim thought out loud.

The sun was setting. There was nothing more to do now but wait. As we slowly walked back to the direction of our car, I prayed silently. “Dear God, if You want us to stay here for the next 3 days in this cold mountain with the coyotes and cougars, umm…that’s OK. But I’d rather not because……..” Suddenly we heard a loud SLAM. A security officer walked out of the building. PRAISE GOD!!

For before they call, I will answer and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. Isaiah 65:24


Eagle said...

Will you be my publisher?

GodSeeker said...

Hello! Thanks for your thoughtful comments on my blog. I will certainly look into those books you mentioned. I appreciate your testimony.

Peace! :-)

Mr. D said...

I admired your pictures! It was the eagle picture that captivated me. I once spent the day watching eagles pluck heavy fish out of Sand Pond, near Donner Lake.
I am a teacher and a Christian, married for 33 years, and father of two daughters. I say that because when I read your post I thought first of my oldest daughter and the way that she writes. God is indeed awesome, if only we had the eyes to see.

Mike said...

Were you prepared to spend the night. Why 3 days? Was he upset, the ranger, or was he apologetic?

Eagle said...

Hi Mike,

Nice to have you visiting with us.

Were we prepared to spend the night? Well, we did have some blankets and snacks in the car.

Why 3 days? It was the Labor Day weekend. We were locked in on Saturday and the gate would be closed til Tuesday morning.

I don't think the ranger realized how worried and desperate we were and little did he know that he was a direct answer to prayer!