April 16, 2008

Chasing Wildflowers...

The desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose. It shall blossom abundantly. Isaiah 35:1,2

Fields of Poppies, Lancaster, CA
Cottonwood Canyon, CA
Tidy Tips, Goldfields and Filarees
Baby Blue Eyes at Shell Creek, CA

Thistle Sage

Thistle Sage, Lupines, and Desert Dandelions at Cottonwood Canyon, CA

Interior Goldenbush, Carrizo Plains, CA

Poppies at Lancaster, CA

Beetle on Cream Cup

Baby Blue Eyes and Tidy Tips at Shell Creek, CA
Blue Lupines at Table Mountain, Oroville, CA


Anonymous said...

What's the other wildflower sometimes with a black hat and green-striped jacket? ;) Wish I could have been with you. God's creation never ceases to be breathtaking.

Eagle said...

Hi Deb! That other wildflower you were referring to is your Daddy!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of these "wanderers from Eden" with us.
Tell us about your camera, please. Have you any special training: photo classes, art design, etc.
Love you!
Mary Ann

Eagle said...

Hi Mary Ann,
I have a cheap little camera that fits perfectly in my dress pocket...nothing fancy. Like you, I enjoy taking pictures for fun...no training, although I need it badly enough.

Carol said...

The pictures really made my day. They are beautiful.


Mary Tr said...

thanks Vickie. Luther and I really enjoyed your station. Mary

Diana K. said...

Oh, Vickie, we enjoyed the pictures so much; the wild flowers were just wonderful. Also had a good chuckle reading the little vignettes about your little student, Esli! How wonderful it is that you can get out and see all these wonderful places. Diana

Jessica said...

Wow, I think heaven must be full of wildflowers!! Your pictures are so breathtaking! It must be so peaceful out in the middle of a wildflower field...

Eagle said...

Hi Jessica, In one of those places we went to was a campground near by and we spent the night there among the Shootingstars that were growing all over the campground. It's so great to be out in nature...especially when it's as beautiful as this.

Janice N. said...

Wow -- the photos are beautiful! I was asking whether you took the pictures -- then, when I saw Jim in them, I realized that you must have been the photographer. They should be framed -- and sold (at fundraisers, etc., I bet you'd get good money).

Hope you'all are well.
Love, Jan

Eagle said...

Jan, I'd probably end up buying my own pictures!

Melody said...

Hey there! It was nice to see you all at the poppy fields. Nice flower shots. Can you e-mail me and remind me of your camera brand?? I'm interested in maybe getting one just like it to carry in my pocket. ;-)


Eagle said...

Hi Melody, It was fun spending the day with you guys at the poppy fields. Glad you like my little camera. Did you get my e-mail?