October 13, 2008

Fresh Fall Colors

These pictures were taken on October 10-12, 2008, at Lee Vining and June Lake Loop, CA during the weekend of the storm that dropped about 4-5 inches of beautiful white delicate snowflakes. Temperature dipped below 18 degrees F. Tioga Pass (elevation about 10,000') was closed and many of the visitors in Yosemite were snowbound.

An Early White Christmas

Silver Lake Aspens at the Loop

These Eyes Do Not Blink

Flaming Torches Light the Road at Hwy 158

Winding Creek Connects Lakes at Loop

Fresh Fallen Snow Leaves a Soft White Carpet at Aspen Campground

Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.
Isaiah 1:18


Anonymous said...

So beautiful! You need to frame the one of Winding Creek. Sure wish I could have been there too!

Carol Patterson said...

WOW how pretty! We left the June Lake Loop the morning of the 10th! It sure did not looks like this then!

Betty said...

We just left the area last Wednesday the week of the rock slide. We had snow flurries, Tioga Pass was closed a few days. Beautiful shots.

Melody said...

(Gasp)Wow.....beautiful!!! Wish we had colors like that around here, I'd feel more like it's fall! ;-)

Eagle said...

Melody! You're back!! Welcome home. How did it go?