July 19, 2009

Beyond the Sunset

Beyond the sunset, O blissful morning,
When with our Savior heav'n is begun;
Earth's toiling ended, O glorious dawning,
Beyond the sunset when day is done.

Beyond the sunset, no clouds will gather,
No storms will threaten, no fears annoy;
O day of gladness, O day unending,
Beyond the sunset eternal joy!

Beyond the sunset, a hand will guide me
To God the Father whom I adore;
His glorious presence, His words of welcome,
Will be my portion on that fair shore.

Beyond the sunset, O glad reunion,
With our dear loved ones who've gone before;
In that fair homeland we'll know no parting,
Beyond the sunset forever more!

Virgil P. Brock


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! A picture can paint a thousand words! Thank you for sharing! Love and hugs!!! Victoria ")

Jean said...

Great - I really enjoyed all of it. Jean

Dawna said...

I always enjoy seeing your high quality pictures and especially with the flowers named.


Anonymous said...

How come my pictures never come out stunning like yours, even when I use your camera? Must be the photographer! =)

Eagle said...

Deb, I've seen some of the pictures you took a couple of weeks ago during our trip and they are beautiful!!! The only ones I didn't like were the ones you took of me crouching on the hillside at Honningsvag.

Anonymous said...

all beautiful.

Charlyne Cox said...

Oh how beautiful! I love all your pictures -- but especially the hand and the sunset! Mom (Jeanne Mannes) gave me your website long ago and it is always inspirational. God has made so many beautiful things for us to enjoy and appreciate. As a photographer, you really capture the essense of God's beauty. Thank you for sharing! God bless. Charlyne Cox

Eagle said...

Hi Charlene, Thank you for your nice compliment. I don't deserve it. I am not a photographer but I do like clicking on the camera. My love to your Mom. Blessings to you.

robert said...

Thanks for posting the Brocks' gospel song, "Beyond the Sunset," and for the great pictures. (Today is the 123rd anniversary of Virgil Brock's birth.)

If you enjoy reading about the background of our hymns and gospel songs, I invite you to check out my daily blog on the subject, Wordwise Hymns.

Eagle said...

Thank you, Robert, for visiting my site. I have a couple of books on hymns and their background. Knowing the background of the hymn we sing makes it even more precious.