August 10, 2009

Stained Windows

I love stained glass windows and enjoy seeing them especially in churches and cathedrals.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France

Stained glass windows are made of individual pieces of colored glass which do not mean much in itself until they are pieced together to form a pattern. Sometimes painted details are added to the design. When light is captured by the stained glass, the intricate pattern glows into a beautiful illuminated piece of art.

Rose window (c. 1250) of Notre Dame Cathedral

The center circle of the rose window above depicts the Virgin and Child, surrounded by figures of prophets. Second circle shows 32 Old Testament kings. Outer circle depicts 32 high priests and patriarchs.

Below are photos I have taken of stained glass windows at Die Gedachtniskirche der Protestation of Speyer, Germany. This Protestant church was built in memory of the protest that took place at the "Diet of Speyer" in 1529.

Click on each picture to see the intricate details.

Jesus blesses the children (Mark 10:13-16)

Jesus visits Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42)

Conversion of Paul on the road to Damascus (Acts 9:1-8)

Christ's resurrection (Matthew 28:1-7)

Martin Luther nails 95 theses on church door(Wittenburg,1517)

Roman centurion in Capernaum (Luke 7:1-10)

Abraham offers Isaac as sacrifice (Genesis 22:1-18)

The stoning of Stephen (Acts 7:54-60)

May God's love shine through the stained glass windows of our lives and may we always reflect the beauty of His character


Anonymous said...

WOW!the pictures really is fantasy.
always thank you. kawang

Eagle said...

Dear Mrs. Kang, Thank you for your visit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture views and the comments...beautiful! Praise God for the blessings of life, beauty, creativity, art, skills, devotion, courage, strength and faithfulness!
Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Any chance I could use the Martin Luther picture on a brochure? I'd like the high res image if possible.